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Monday, July 25, 2016

Every Day is Rain

Red lights and closed eyes
Forced smiles and small words
Crawling for a thousand miles
Struggling through the storm

In the middle of a devastating war
But the enemy can't be seen
Peace and resolution seem so far
Just can't break free

Some prisons you never leave
Trapped in an endless dark
Every day you'll always grieve
Every tear will leave a mark

Every breath hurts like hell
And every thought is pain
Every sound a tolling bell
And every day is rain

Everything is falling apart
Drowning in rain and fire
When you think it's the end it's just the start
And the waves keep rising higher

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shards of Glass

Open eyes but there's no light
A deep breath but it's not air
Short days and endless nights
So many people but one not there

Memories steal every thought
Pain fires every breath
So many battles fought
And so many deaths

Every breath is a rattling gasp
Each word a war
Every tear a shard of glass
Each smile a door

Be strong and stay alive
As iron walls rust to the ground
Time will tame the fire
And the sun will come around

Escape the Storm

In darkness demons hide
Broken mirrors of a fading past
Keep holding onto life
And a love built to last

Keep fighting each day
Through the storm, the haze
You'll find your way
Through the burning maze

Can't escape
But you can make it your place
Accept the endless pain
Give up the chase
And welcome the rain

Embrace the storm
Let loose the rage
Broken and torn
Destroy your cage

Set the fire to your fears
Claim the memories lost
Treasure all your tears
Remember what they cost

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sunshine So Sweet

Sunshine in eyes so sweet
A sharp word on a soft tongue
Her sweet heart does naught but feel
Hasten my love, run

Darkness stains her pretty dress
Cold freezes her eyes
A good heart makes a pretty mess
Such beautiful lies

Emptiness a hollow pain
Fire from careless lips
Tears an endless rain

The glass rose breaks
Her whole world shattered
Sunshine and snowflakes
Everything that mattered

Alone with a frozen heart
She waits for the sun
Waits for a brand new start
Hasten my love, run

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cavalier of the Night

Deep black and dying blue
Strength and grace and fire
He sees right through you
The charm of a liar

Suit and tie and fearless smile
A mystery you'd die to solve
Fiery wit and rampant guile
A heart he won't absolve

Can't be touched and can't be held
He dances with his words
Smoke and ice that can't be felt
Thunder that can't be heard

An old talent for a new high
On a rare winter night
Just a single song alive
With a dare in his eye

A storm in his heart
He will draw you in
Rip you apart
Watch you falling

You'll defend him forever
Let him lead you to death
A trap and a treasure
He'll be your last breath

A sharp knife and a final stone
He's a beautiful lie you can trust
A valiant savior well known
A killer at dusk

Friday, November 21, 2014

Darkness Dancer

Red and gold and glittering fire
Eyes beneath a mask
Sweet lips of a liar
Feet that move so fast

Graceful strokes and flowing hair
Watch the darkness dance
Perfect balance walking on air
She captures every glance

Low sweeps and perfect poise
Swish across the floor
Silence drowns the deafening noise
Watch the darkness soar

Truth behind the lying disguise
Flickering eyes on fire
A dress like a swarm of fireflies
A zeal that will never tire

The night will die and the sun will rise
And the darkness dancer gone
So upon night watch for those fire eyes
Because she'll keep dancing on

Friday, August 22, 2014

Feed the Flames

Locked far away in the darkest cell
An unknown darkness waits
Frozen in an endless hell
Fighting fear and hate

Smoke and fire burn above it
While a tornado rages within
Deep below the ground splits
And hope falls in

Dead leaves burn to crisps
Fear feeds the flames
Smoke trails and frozen wisps
Bound together in chains

Come here honey and smile at me
Let us burn together
Let us set this darkness free
Calm this stormy weather

We're down here where we belong
A place we'll never escape
But we know how to stay strong
We know how to love this place