Monday, September 10, 2012

Set Fire To The Snow

Cut through the mist with a scream
Smile through the fear
Fight for your team
Keep your thoughts clear

Dance through the falling swords
Dive over the cliff
Listen to the ocean chords
Run from the rift

Figure out the elusive code
Block the predestined blow
Skid across the splitting road
Set fire to the snow

Light the dark from a dying spark
Freeze the heart of the fire
Erase the ominous mark
Send the flames higher

Rain drops will turn to ice
Melt them to the ground
Make the world right
Turn it around

Conjure up the dying knight
Save the coming dawn
Deep within you shining bright
A light of a knight is born

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dawn of the Darkest Night

There you stand in the darkest forest
The wind is roaring through
Think about giving up the quest
The rain is drenching you

The lightening hits every tree
Your clothes are covered in dirt
The flashes so fast you can't see
Every step hurts

At the end of the darkest night
Will always come a dawn
Don't give up the fight
Don't be their pawn

Every storm has to end
Every fight is yours to win
Stay close to every friend
Wear your enemies thin

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If You Dare

A gentle leaf touches the water
Waves crash against the rock
Can you hear the sound of laughter
And the steady drifting knock

Lights flash against the sky
Clouds are heavy and dark
A ghostly shape drifts by
While dogs howl and bark

Thunder roars against the night
Still voices are heard
All doors are shut tight
And no one speaks a word

You can hear the humming sea
Hear the chuckles in the air
This night they are running free
So go meet them if you dare

They'll take you away before you blink
Whisk you into the sea
Before you scream before you think
You'll be just like me


The dying light is fading fast
The sky is turning dark
Fear is leaving at last
But still there is a mark

The scars will never fade away
The memories will never leave
But faith is due today
The magic is set free

It will take its time to claim your life
It will creep into your mind
Its blade will edge the sharpest knife
It will render you blind

But still you will see so clear
See only magic here
It is part of your deepest fears
The only sound you hear

Liquid Iron

Silently the sun is setting
Leaving the land so dark
Now finally I get it
I can see the glowing spark

Its light is part of every life
Its colour of every day
Buried in the darkest night
When thoughts come out to play

A weakening power spreads its light
A whisper floats the distance
A scream breaks the dead of night
The rise of the resistance

You know each day could be your last
Each second your last thought
Break free of the dark past
Look at the magic you've caught

Because the hardest part is to Believe
To fight the liquid iron
To ignore what you feel
To stop the good from dying

Eventually the sun comes out
The rainbow paints the sky
Ashes lie all about
The death of the darkest lie.

Your Wings Have Always Been There

Silver blinks within the dark
A stare piercing the soul
Burning through your thoughts a single mark
And through your heart a hole

In the end that darkest place
Will bring you the brightest light
Doubt's voice and fear's face
Will no longer rule the night

The night is a glittering land
Where dreams are allowed to roam
Where faith and hope make a stand
Where the stars will guide you home

And if your night is the blackest yet
Just close your eyes and dream
Caught in imagination's net
A world you've never seen

When the day comes again
You'll hear the softest song
Be there sun or be there rain
It will pull your heart along

The sun will shine or the rain will sing
Drifting wonder in the air
It will show you your wings
Have always been there

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Untie The Rope Of Darkness

Why don't you care at all
Why is love dying out
Why is faith suddenly so small
And the world full of doubt

Why are your words so harsh
Your gestures so rude
Your smiles don't last
Your footsteps intrude

Where has your heart gone
Where is your soul
Has evil finally won
Eaten the world whole

I can't make the world care
Can't open every eye
But I try to do my share
With all my heart I try

I'm not trying to hurt you
Not trying to invade your every thought
This is about the truth
The trap in which you're caught

Don't you feel the endless hope
The love that does exist
Or has the dark winding rope
Pulled you into the mist

This isn't meant to make you sick
To guilt you into the light
This isn't some desperate trick
To bring you back your sight

This is for those who care
Those who can still love
To know there are others out there
It will have to be enough

So hold on to whatever you have
And know that there is hope
Never let go of the love that
Will untie the rope